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If You Accomplish Something, Reward Yourself, Do Not Wait. Tony Robbins Says So!

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We are too hard on ourselves, period.  Most of us set these insane goals that are super difficult to achieve and then get mad when we miss the mark.  But how could we achieve something that had unrealistic expectations in the first place?  Instead, we should break up massive goals into bite size pieces; but we don’t stop there.  Now listen up, because this is the important part, reward yourself after accomplishing each one!  Don’t wait until you finish the project in two years or 5 months from now, reward yourself for the tiny achievements along the way, in that moment. When we do this, our brain sends out positive emotions and good feelings to signal that we should keep doing the action — to continue receiving positive emotions and good feelings.  It leads us to understanding that our work is appreciated and it earned us something great (the reward).

Rewarding Yourself Is The Best Motivator

Reward yourself, it will keep you motivated.  Those small successes will build up your motivation and willpower to keep going, to keep striving and to do the necessary things to get to the finish line.  The tiny rewards will keep you moving forward and help ensure that you do not burn out.  It is easy to get stuck on the idea of completion instead of celebrating what you have done, so far.  As Tony Robbins says, “You can only build on success!”  So take note of your successes and allow them to propel you forward into each success after that.  Reward your willpower to get each milestone stone, and treat those who work with you the same way.  A team is only as strong as its weakest link — so spread the love and the rewards to keep everyone motivated around you.  It will also help with morale.  Note that it doesn’t have to be something grand, sometimes all that’s needed is a pep talk or a “well done” or a high five (my personal favorite).  It doesn’t matter what it is, just do something.

So How Do We Actually use This Reward Yourself Tip?

I personally like doing something in the moment.  It allows me to receive immediate gratification.  I do something small, like give myself a round of applause or say, “I’m awesome,” every time I do something that propels my goals forward. There are so many things you can do.  Get creative and start relishing your small achievements!

In fact, suggests a daily check-in.  It’s an opportunity to jot down three things that you are most proud of for the day, even if they’re tiny.  Write them down, make a note, and allow yourself to celebrate the small victories.  No matter what they are, just reward yourself.  It could be your favorite treat, or maybe a reading break, or even something as big as a vacation (if the accomplishment deems it).  No matter how tiny or how large, your successes are worthy of celebration.  So celebrate them.  They’ll give you the fuel you’ll need to carry the rest of your goal(s) through to fruition.

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