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If You Have Ever Procrastinated In Your Life, THIS TEDTalk Is For You!

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Procrastination is a huge issue.  I might even call it an epidemic.  At least this has been the case in my life.  I remember being in high school, up at 3 in the morning.  I was finishing my paper on some subject in A.P. English, and my best friend called my house (yes, my house) at 3:00AM.  My dad answered the phone, and came to my room to hand me the call.  My household was not very strict, plus every phone call I got was pretty much related to school in some way, fashion, manner or form.  In addition, we were both straight A students so it wasn’t an issue.  She needed me to print out her paper for school the next morning (hers was broken).  Of course, I did and we exchanged last minute stories about trying to get the paper done.   But no matter how smart we were, we still could not self manage and stop procrastinating.

But It’s Hard To Self Manage And Stop Procrastinating

No matter what subject it was, we were both up WAY past our bedtimes trying to finish assignments we knew about months ago!  Why couldn’t we do a little bit of work each day, why did we wait to do the bulk of it the night before?  This is a question many of us continually have to ask ourselves.  And that’s where self control comes into play.  If we are unable to manage ourselves, our lives will add up to numerous experiences like this one.  That is until we decide to do something about it.

How To Self Manage And Stop Procrastinating

At the TEDxDuke talk, behavioral economist, Dan Ariely, also a Duke grad, has a very inquisitive take on the whole procrastination idea.  In fact, he believes that we can actually create habits that will help us self manage and eliminate the need for procrastination.  His idea is to change the focus.

In his theory, if we change the reward to something bigger than just the satisfaction of completing the task, we can change our perpetual need to procrastinate.  He says that if we are able to take this even further, we can attach the task to something so important that not doing the task would mean something devastating would happen in its place.  Now whether you agree with this idea or not, it is superbly interesting.  In fact, I would call it genius.  Once you hear what he has to say, you’ll understand perfectly.

Watch as Ariely takes us through the most practical ways to help us self manage and stop procrastinating.

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