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Ask Yourself: Are You Sure You Want To Be Successful?

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No one sets out to be mediocre, to be less than, or to be the worst version of themselves.  This happens when someone loses the motivation and the drive to make their life better.  They get too comfortable, or they don’t do the things that ensure they get to the finish line.  So then, you have to ask yourself, are you sure you want to be successful?  Because if you did, no amount of “nos,” no amount of pain, no amount of challenge would keep you from achieving your goal.

This is not to put anyone down.  Nor is it supposed to make anyone feel any sort of way.  This is only to show the kind of grit that is needed to take an idea and make it into something tangible.  If we want to create a life that we actually want to live, with all the fulfillment that comes with it, we have to be willing to put in the work.

Are You Sure You Want To Be Successful?

One of the most poignant ways to demonstrate this idea is a story about a successful guru and a young man.  The young man desperately wants to be successful.  So he asks the guru what he needs to do — in order to become a successful man.  The guru tells him to meet him at the beach, early in the morning.  The story takes a different turn (than expected) when he asks the young man to get in the water (with his suit on).  Reluctant at first, the man questions the tactics.  But that doesn’t keep the guru from saying if he wants to be successful he must stick with the lesson.

Watch the video, below, to understand the full scope of the story.  It has been watched over 38 million times and has over 268 thousand likes.  If that doesn’t tell you it’s worth watching, then let me be the one to say it.  Watch this video, and then ask yourself this question:  Are you sure you want to be successful?

How Bad Do You Want To Be Successful?

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