5 Quotes That Will Pick You Up
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Feeling Down? Here Are 5 Quotes That Will Pick You Up!

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Around this time of year, people start reflecting on what they have accomplished, what they are grateful for and how far they have come.  It’s a time for reflection and introspection.  As each year comes to a close and people start looking forward to the next, we contemplate how quickly the year has gone by and how the fast approaching new year will be different than the last.  The problem is that we don’t take the time to back up and ask these questions each day, week, month and then finally each year.  It is the classic case of procrastination, or the idea that we can do it tomorrow.  But that’s not the mind of a winner, it’s a mind of a loser, quite frankly.  I’m not saying that people who procrastinate are losers.  Instead, I’m saying that if we think this way, there is no way we can win on the level we see for our future selves.  We all have to wake up.  That’s why I gathered 5 quotes that will pick you up.  Because life, the future and everything in between doesn’t start tomorrow, it starts TODAY.

So in light of this, let’s make a pact to spend at least part of each day reminding ourselves of this.  It will help us stay focused on the big picture.  It will help keep us from waking up one day, at the end of the year, thinking where did all the time go.  It’s a cycle we must break ourselves.  No amount of videos by Tony Robbins or books by the greatest thinkers will get us to where we want to be.  We must get ourselves there.

5 Quotes That Will Pick You Up!

Each week, on Viral Force’s Facebook and Instagram pages, we upload new quotes and bits of inspiration to help with this process.  We gather the most inspiring quotes of motivation to help us all on this journey of progress.  If you haven’t already, I’d like to invite you to take a look at the pages and find the ones that speak most to you and your journey.  Like them, save them, and refer to them often.  Use it as a way to keep yourself motivated on your path.  There’s some great stuff there and just to prove it, here are a few quotes that have helped me during trying times.  I hope they inspire you as much as they inspired me!  Be strong, be courageous, but most importantly, don’t quit!

Gratitude Is The Key!

It Is NEVER Too Late!

Don’t Give Up!!

Don’t Let Fear Get In The Way!

You Can’t Graduate To The Next Level Before Passing The Test!

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