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Adam Driver's TED Talk
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Why You Need To Watch Adam Driver’s TED Talk Right Now!

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TED Talks are excellent.  Partly because every single person who gives one is brilliant in some way, manner or form.  They are required, by TED, to give the talk of their life, and to do so within 20 minutes.  I cannot tell you the amount of wisdom I have received from TED Talks. But I can say that once I finally was introduced the idea of TED Talks, I was hooked.  They are such an efficient and effective way to get the best ideas from the greatest thinkers.  You get a glimpse inside their most brilliant insight and they lay it out in an outstanding format.  They are not too long and quite entertaining.  Now, if you are a fan of creative thinkers, then you will be impressed by Adam Driver’s TED Talk.

A Brilliant Actor

Not only is Adam Driver a brilliant actor, but he is also a thought-provoking creative visionary.  He started his career, not as an actor, but as a Marine.   His story is so poignant and his drive passionate.  I got so many insights on what it means to be a Marine, and how he was able to make a transition to being a civilian, again.  His dedication and commitment to his craft and to making a real difference is evident.  After watching Adam Driver’s TED Talk, I felt more lifted and more in tune to what it means to have a purpose.

Find The Wisdom

See what Adam Driver had to do to get to where he is today.  It is not often that we get a glimpse into someone’s journey and how it shaped them to be the person they are today.  But with Driver, we get this chance.  Don’t waste it, find the tidbits of wisdom that are speckled throughout his talk.  Gather the knowledge that he spews.  Take in the courage and fearlessness that he has.  That is what it is all about.  And for Driver, that no fear attitude comes from being a Marine.  Where does your no fear attitude come from?  How can you harness it to have an insane amount of focus — to drive you to where you want to be in life?  Find it, hone it, and transform your life.

Adam Driver’s TED Talk

Without further ado, here is Adam Driver.

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